If you are a professional having a lot of work to deal with, you probably have to carry multiple laptops while you travelling in a plane. Maybe you pack one laptop for your personal use, the other one for your business work, and a third one to keep all important data copied to avoid any sudden mishap of data breach or data infringement etc. Although you get multiple benefits, the situation is also tricky to handle as you need to comply with international rules and regulations. 

In any case, if you need more than one laptop while travelling,  you definitely wonder what the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rules and regulations say about it. You want to know about the air lines’ rules about multiple laptops as well. In this article, we will explore the TSA and airline rules, the benefits and disadvantages of having multiple laptops on a plane, and some tips and tricks. Let’s explore your frequently asked question “How many laptops can I bring on a plane?” in detail. 

TSA Rules for Multiple Laptops

New rules for laptops on planes by TSA don’t limit the number of laptops that you can carry while travelling.  But remember the size and weight criteria set by international flights and don’t ever cross them.

Another thing that you have to do is to put all your laptops and other devices, which are larger than a cell phone, for an X-ray screening. For that purpose remove them from your normal carry-on bag and put them in a separate bin. 

Other than that, you can also get a TSA PreCheck by filling out an online form and paying a fee which costs you around 85$. This procedure is pretty fast.

Airline Rules for Multiple Laptops

Unlike TSA, different airlines limit having multiple laptops on a plane in different ways. Some may restrict you in terms of size and weight criteria, while others may cost you some extra charges. Some may ask you to get special approvals and so on. You can check the following table for different airline’s requirements:

AirlineNumber of laptops allowedWeight limitSpecial permission required
American Airlines2 personal + 2 spare batteries18 kgNo
Delta AirlinesNo limit10 kgYes, for more than 3 laptops
EmiratesNo limit7 kgNo
LufthansaNo limit8 kgNo
Qatar AirwaysNo limit15 kgNo

So, if you have an intent to carry multiple laptops, check the rules and criteria of the airline you are going to travel with. You should check it at least one week before as if you will need to get any special permission, you can easily do it in one week.

Benefits and Opportunities of Traveling with Multiple Laptops

If you are travelling with multiple laptops, then it’s obvious that you do not want to waste your time and utilize it properly. So, it offers you multiple benefits like it boost your business and increasing your productivity. 

With multiple laptops, you don’t need to switch between multiple tabs and you don’t need to panic while searching your required data in a single laptop out of thousands of files. So it offers you flexibility and peace of mind as well. Also, having backup data in more than one laptop makes you tension.

Risks and Challenges of Traveling with Multiple Laptops

While there are multiple benefits of having multiple laptops during travelling, you may also encounter some challenges like you may face any damage or bumps in any laptop because of improper handling. 

There is also a fear of theft either by thieves or by pickpockets. So you need to be more careful and conscious. 

Similarly, you may encounter a laptop misplaced if you forget to pack your laptop. Custom inspection and cyberattacks are also some other challenges that you can face while travelling with multiple laptops on a plane. 

To overcome such challenges, you should use a secure laptop bag made up of sturdy material. You should also make a data backup drive before travelling to secure your all data. You can also use face recognition or fingerprint password for all of your laptops and keep them with you all the time. 

Tips for Packing and Using Laptops on the Plane

  • Make sure that you are using laptop sleeves to protect your laptop body from any scratches and dust. 
  • Also, use padded dividers to make your laptops safe and secure.
  • A dual laptop backpack is the best option for having more than one laptop. You can use two dual laptop backpacks if you have four laptops during travelling. 
  • You should also label your backpacks. 
  • You should have a power bank for an emergency recharge. 
  • You should also have a laptop lock.
  • Also, keep a USB hub and a cable organizer with you. 

Rules for using laptops on the plane

  • You should turn off your laptops while your flight is taking off or landing. You can also put them on airplane mode. 
  • In any emergency exits, don’t use your laptops.
  • Must follow the instructions of the flight attendant. 


Can you bring multiple laptops on the plane? 

Yes, you can but follow your respective airline rules, flight attendant instructions, and TSA rules and regulations carefully. Having a TSA Precheck will help you avoid any hassle and bring you peace of mind. 

Does the laptop count in carry-on luggage? 

A laptop can be counted as a carry-on luggage or a personal. It couldn’t be both at the same time. If it is small in size and you keep it under the seat in front of you, then it will be considered as a personal item but if you have to pack it, especially in your suitcase and put it in the overhead cabin, then it will be considered as carry on luggage. 

Is there a limit to how much electronics you can bring on a plane? 

No, there is no limit. But before packing electronics, check if these are allowed by TSA and have enough battery for use during the flight. Avoid collecting too many electronics otherwise, it will be difficult to handle them and avoid penalties. 

What electronics are not allowed in checked luggage? 

All lithium-containing items and electronics are not allowed in checked luggage because the lithium batteries are vulnerable to an explosion with little damage so they can cause fire hazards and put the passenger’s lives at risk. 

Can I take 2 bags as hand luggage? 

It totally depends upon the airline you are travelling with. Some may allow you only one carry-on bag while some others may allow more than one but they should meet the size and weight criteria of the airline. 

Does a lady’s handbag count as hand luggage? 

No, it doesn’t. A lady’s handbag wouldn’t be charged a fee as it is considered like a cloth but you should avoid putting any prohibited items in the handbag. 

Final Analysis

So, summing up the discussion about “How many laptops can I bring on a plane?” we can say you can bring as many laptops as you want to as per TSA rules, but some airlines don’t allow this. You must seek special approvals and have a TSA precheck for that purpose. While having multiple laptops brings many benefits, you may encounter several challenges. You must be more conscious and careful about their proper care against damage, bumps, theft, replacement, and cyberattacks. Pack all the necessary accessories like a power bank, cable organizer, and a USB hub. Also, follow the flight attendant’s instructions carefully. Similarly, before travelling, search the rules of using laptops during flight and avoid using laptops at emergency exits, when taking off, and at landing times. Follow all these guidelines and have a safe journey with multiple laptops while travelling on a plane.