Introduction : How to change color on keyboard

In the world of the creative mind, ambience matters. Whether you’re a graphic designer, a video editor, or an artist, your working environment can directly influence your inspiration and productivity. Among the elements that can contribute to this atmosphere, the color of your keyboard might seem like a small detail, but it’s one that can make a significant impact.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the art and science of changing keyboard colors With an understanding of RGB and how it relates to the keyboards we use every day, tips on choosing the right color scheme, and the benefits of customization, creatives like you will discover new ways to elevate your digital workspace to the next level.

Understanding RGB and How It Relates to Keyboards

RGB, which stands for red, green, and blue, is a color model used in digital design. It’s based on the additive color theory, where different colors are created by combining these primary colors in varying amounts. For keyboards, RGB lighting takes center stage, allowing users to customize not only the color of their keys but the overall glow of their setup. The transitioning hues can be mesmerizing, but the true power lies in the effects it has on your workflow and mood.

When each key on your keyboard is an individual RGB LED, the possibilities are endless. Everything from a calming pastel gradient to a frenetic pattern that responds to your keystrokes can be achieved. It’s an artistic medium in its own right, and the canvas is at your fingertips.

Methods for Changing Keyboard Colors

Enabling RGB lighting isn’t always as simple as flipping a switch; it can involve both software and hardware manipulation.

Software-based Methods

Many of the latest gaming and high-end productivity keyboards come with proprietary software that allows for a high level of customization. Brands like Razer, Corsair, and Logitech offer apps that not only change the color but also synchronize the effect with other devices for a seamless aesthetic.

Popular Software Solutions

  • Razer Synapse: Customize each key’s color, create macros, and sync lighting between Razer devices.
  • Logitech G Hub: For Logitech’s G series keyboards, G Hub is the go-to for detailed lighting customization.
  • Corsair iCue: Corsair’s proprietary software not only changes lighting but also monitors your system and adjusts fan speeds.

Hardware Customization

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, you can physically change the color of your keyboard by replacing the keycaps or installing a lighting kit. Swapping out keycaps with ones that have translucent letters allows more light to pass through, altering the overall color of the LEDs.

Replacing Keycaps

This solution offers a more profound change as you can select customized keycap sets with different colors and materials to achieve a look that’s uniquely yours.

Using Lighting Kits

Light kits with LED strips can add an underflow effect to any keyboard, casting an ethereal hue on your desk.

Tips for Creatives on Choosing the Right Color Scheme

Selecting the ideal color scheme for your keyboard can be a fun process. However, it’s important to consider how these colors will blend with your overall workspace and your creative tasks.

Harmonious Colors

When selecting a color scheme, consider using analogous colors, which are colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel. This scheme creates a sense of harmony and comfort, perfect for long creative sprints.

Monochromatic Schemes

For simplicity and elegance, monochromatic schemes use variations in lightness and saturation of a single color. It keeps the workspace focused and can help reduce visual clutter that might distract from your work.

Contrasting Hues

Contrast can draw attention and create excitement. Complementary colors— ones that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel—can be a powerful pairing, with each color enhancing the other’s brightness.

Benefits of Customizing Keyboard Colors

Changing the light show on your keyboard isn’t just for fun; it has real benefits that can enhance your work environment and even improve your health.

Improved Work Environment

The right color within your workspace can improve your mood and concentration. Customizing your keyboard’s color to a soft, cool blue can create a calming vibe, while a warm, energizing red might be perfect for when you need a creative spark.

Personalization and Ownership

Customization of your keyboard’s color is a way to put your stamp on your gear. It transforms a functional tool into an extension of your creativity, fostering a sense of ownership that can be motivating.

Reducing Eye Strain

Adjusting your keyboard’s color to a warmer, less intense hue can help diminish the harshness of prolonged screen time. This reduction in blue light can alleviate eye strain and contribute to a healthier working environment.


The act of changing your keyboard’s color isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a way of creating an environment that’s conducive to creativity. It’s a small but powerful step you can take to design a digital workspace that truly reflects your imagination.

We encourage you to experiment with the color schemes that resonate with your creative flows, and to share your experiences with others. After all, creativity shared is creativity multiplied.

Start your color-changing adventure today, and see how something as simple as a glowing keyboard can ignite new levels of inspiration in your work. And remember, the canvas is not only on the screen—it’s all around you.